ThinkJet Printhead/Ribbon Cable assy to repair HP-2225 Printers

Robert Prosperi bobprosperi at
Sun Aug 28 10:27:10 MDT 2016

I recently found a source for the part needed to repair HP-2225 ThinkJet
printers which have been damaged due to corrosive ink destroying the
electrical connector in the print-head carriage. They are not expensive here
(I think less than $20 USD with shipping included), but much more so
shipping overseas, so I thought I would offer to buy a few and bring them to
HHC for international attendees if there is any interest.


So if you are interested, or have friends not attending HHC that are
interested, please contact me off list to let me know how many you want. You
can pay me at HHC to make it simple.


A photo of the part can be seen here, although Amazon no longer has any
stock left:
ie=UTF8&psc=1> &psc=1


--bob prosperi


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