Better HHC Presentations?

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Have you visited Prager University on the web recently?


I am not bringing this up based on the topics they present, but rather the
way they present their topics.  I will provide an example at the link below.
You may also explore other topics of interest to you.


I have a question.  Do any of you have any idea of the techniques used to
make the fantastic graphics for their  videos?  I suspect that the software
tools are very expensive.  I also suspect that extensive editing is involved
mixing sources.


Of course the professionals who do the work have skills and training that
many of us don't, but still it is good to strive for better HHC
presentations.  We have come a long way from the chalkboard, to 35 mm
slides, to PowerPoint.  Is video* the next generation?  It seems that the
younger generation is certainly headed in that direction.


Comments welcome.


X < > Y,



* I believe that it is accepted learning efficiency understanding that the
brain will retain/learn more if it is more engaged.  Reading vs. Speaking
vs. Seeing are different with decreasing effectiveness in retention in the
order given.  Each method has its advantages related to the subject being
presented of course.  Providing the equation for a spiral is less effective
- for the vast majority of people - than showing a graphic to convey the

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