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Richard J. Nelson rjnelsoncf at cox.net
Fri Sep 2 16:38:54 MDT 2016

Hello HHCers,


Most of the critical decisions for HHC 2016 have been made and now it is
time to execute the plan.


Some attendees and Committee members have noted that there is a total
eclipse next year in August.  For the details see:



The weekend before the conference (August 19 & 20) looks like a suitable
AUGUST date and two cities have been used before - Corvallis and Nashville.


I am just mentioning this for those who are prone to long term planning.
Jim Donnelly, from Corvallis, will be attending and I know he has the
equipment - I have seen photos - that is suitable to view (project) the


Food for thought (now), and discussion at the Conference (later)..


X <> Y




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