What is an HHC 2017 worth hotel wise? It could be expensive. Vote now!

Bruce A. Bergman bruceb at fatcity.com
Sat Sep 3 13:30:11 MDT 2016

Without an actual figure, I can't say for sure. Since we're kind of
guessing, I'd say anything above $200/night is probably a "no" for me.
$119 is a reasonable amount. Every $10 you go up from there, it's moving
towards my eject number. :) 

BTW, my vote would be for Ft. Collins again, over Nashville, for next



On 2016-09-03 12:08, Richard J. Nelson wrote:

> Hello HHCers, 
> WOW!  I guess this astronomical event is that popular with the general population.  
> I will bring my welders glass.  Hotel recommendations are needed. 
> I suspect that hotel rooms are ALL at a premium, if any are available. 
> How many are willing to pay the price?  We could resort to the "old days" and bunk at people homes. 
> X < > Y, 
> Richard
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