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Roger Hill rhill at siue.edu
Sat Sep 3 18:06:10 MDT 2016

Actually the point of greatest totality duration is near Carbondale,
IL with 2 min 41.6 sec, but what's a second or so?

Having the meeting in Festus, MO would be just about ideal, except for
the weather which is pretty iffy....

-- Roger

------------ On Bill Zimmerly's messages ------------
My home in Hillsboro, Missouri is exactly where totality for the
longest time is expected - 2:40.

Just throwing that out there, but I agree that we must act fast to
reserve hotel rooms for that date.

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I called this hotel in the area and the lady told me that yes, there
are rooms and space for our conference. I spoke with "Heather," and
she told me that "Emily" will call me on Monday. Heather ALSO
mentioned that they are starting to get inquires, so I'm sure it'll
fill up fast.


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