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This is from my contact in Oregon:

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Hi Richard

I'm getting close to retirement - Barb retired a couple of months ago.

We plan to attend the Oregon Star Party for the eclipse.

Hotels have been largely taken for a long time and are charging outrageous
prices to boot. Maybe your conference has rooms reserved - that would be
nice! Don't plan on traveling the morning of the eclipse - the roads could
be grid locked. Best to travel the day before and camp out overnight.

Reno, huh!


> I have not heard from you in a long time.  No Skeptics conference in
> Eugene
> this year, so I won't be in your neighborhood for a while.  I am in the
> beginning of a relocation effort.  New home: somewhere in the Reno area.
> We are in initial stages of planning for the 2017 handheld
> calculator/computer conference.  The two leading contenders for our
> conference are Nashville and Corvallis, both of which are close to the
> eclipse path.   Hotels may be a problem.
> I was wondering if you have any plans for the eclipse.
> As you know, we astronomers are better at predicting weather than the
> meteorologists.  I will make a prediction right now:  At the time of the
> eclipse, the sky in Corvallis will be PERFECT for observing is... if we
> have our conference in Nashville.  And, of course, the sky in Nashville
> will be perfect if we have our conference in Corvallis.
> What I envision is our group checking out of our hotel, driving to a
> location on the path of maximum totality, and observing the eclipse.   Do
> you have any plans like that?   If you need a hotel, it may already be too
> late to make reservations.
> . . . Richard
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NOT sent from that galldurned iPhone with its crippled bluetooth and
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