FW: What is an HHC 2017 worth hotel wise? It could be expensive. Vote now!

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Hello HHCers,


Thanks Günter for making a point I am often chided for in terms of a post 15 September Conference date.  I alone do not make the decision and we will have lots to talk about on Sunday.


BTW this year marks the 38th year (inclusive from 1979) for HHC’s.


I was just discussing the early days with the Committee.  How many HP users will “remember/know” when they got their first HP?  For me it was the HP-35A on July 31, 1972 at 9:50AM serial number 1143A38208.  My life completely changed directions on that day.  See the attached article, Remembering The HP-35A page 10 & 11 of Appendix A.  I believe that there are some historical tidbits in the article that are not common knowledge.  If the attachment was not handled (it wasn’t and it bounced)  by Brouhaha you may request the 31 pages, 7MB, from me at:  rjnelsoncf at cox.net <mailto:rjnelsoncf at cox.net>  



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For us the cost of the conference hotel is NOT the most important issue. We, Torben and me, are always travelling for 3 weeks around the conference. 
Having the conference at high season time makes the trip prohibitive expensive.
Conclusion: We would not attend the 2017 conference in August.

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