Raffle prizes

Ramsey David dramsey at neko.com
Sat Sep 10 18:07:26 MDT 2016

Like most of you, I’m going through my stash to pick out some items for the raffle table. I know that anything with an HP logo is good, but I’ve amassed some other items in the years that I’ve been reviewing hardware.

About 4 years ago I built a top-of-the-line AMD PC: FX-8350 8-core processor, twin Radeon 7970 video cards, etc. It’s been upgraded with things like an SSD over the years to keep it going but it’s never been my main machine. I just rebuilt it into a new, smaller case (which had been in a box in my garage since I reviewed it). I installed a new copy of Win 7 and now I’m wondering what to do with it.

I’d like to offer it as a raffle prize, but don’t know if it would be appropriate. Given its size— mid-tower computer case— it wouldn’t be practical to carry on a plane and so the winner would likely have to ship it.

What say you, assembled multitude?

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