HHC 2016 Presentation files online

Joseph Horn JoeHorn at holyjoe.net
Sun Sep 18 23:20:08 MDT 2016

Hi, HHC list folks!

Most of the files in the "Speakers" folder of the official HHC 2016 Thumb
Drive are now available online, either as individual folders & files, or
everything in a single ZIP file for your convenience.

The ZIP file (388.7 MB) is here:

The individual presentation files (38 folders, 403 files) are here:



P.S. Some presentations' files were not submitted in time for inclusion on
the thumb drive.  If you were a conference speaker and would like me to
upload any of your presentation's files that are missing from the above
archive, just email it to me (not to this mailing list!).  Please don't
email me huge video files; upload them to YouTube (or any other video
archive service) and I'll put the link in the HHUC archive.
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