HHC 2016 Conference Report

Richard J. Nelson rjnelsoncf at cox.net
Tue Sep 20 13:07:17 MDT 2016

Hello HHCers,


>From a previous JKH email:


Most of the files in the "Speakers" folder of the official HHC 2016 Thumb
Drive are now available online, either as individual folders & files, or
everything in a single ZIP file for your convenience.


The ZIP file (388.7 MB) is here:


The individual presentation files (38 folders, 403 files) are here:


I am sure that Joseph will soon post a link to his Drone group photo we also


Joseph had the controller antennas bent up (they should have been down) and
that caused a loss of control as the drone went ever higher.  The auto
return feature brought it back and I was near where it was programmed as




Jake took our normally inside group photo which is attached.


What inspires me to do these Conferences is the spirit of everyone pitching
in, providing expertise, and just plain work.  Special thanks go to Stephen
Thomas who donated the Conference Thumb Drives, and Jessie Dobbs who donated
and made multiple trips to Walmart for ice, soda bins, and miscellaneous
food items of cups, serving spoons, etc.


Of course HHC 2016 would not have been possible without the generous
donations of the food, break snacks, and soft drinks.  Tim did that planning
and execution.  Thank you Tim and HP.


We had some outstanding presentations which are accurately documented by
Joseph on the HHC website  (http://hhuc.us/2016/) on the speakers Schedule
at  http://hhuc.us/2016/schedule.htm .


The door prizes seem to get bigger and better each year.  With 44 registered
participants we all had at least three trips each to the prize table  The
door prizes are divide into two groups.  Normal and premium.  The best
speaker and any contest winners get first pick from the normal prize group.
Everyone gets to choose using ticket/registration numbers that are randomly
drawn - the old fashioned way.  


The premium group varies in size and reached a record (if memory serves) 17
items this year.  Everyone gets a chance for these prizes.  The winners for
HHC 2016 are:


1.      Thomas Mullikin from Colorado picked the high speed game computer.
David Ramsey even included free shipping.

2.      Stephen Thomas  from Florida picked the rare HP-15C+ calculator.

3.      Torben Schink from Germany picked an HP-97 Calculator.

4.      Joseph Horn from California picked a new colors HP Prime.

5.      Jackie Woldering from Ohio picked an HP Prime.

6.      Jeff Turner from Ohio picked the DM41 calculator from Swiss Micro.

7.      Roger Hill from Illinois picked an onsite Eric Smith 3D printed

8.      Eric Smith from Colorado picked the DM16 calculator from Swiss

9.      Gary Cain from Colorado picked the HP-41CX calculator.

10.                          Bill butler from Canada picked the HP-48GX

11.                          Namir Shammas from Virginal picked the HP15CLE

12.                          Jim Johnson from Indiana picked the HP-50G

13.                          James Donnelly from Oregon picked the HP-21
premium condition HP-21C calculator.

14.                          Gerry Schultz from California picked the HP-28S

15.                          Craig Bladow from Colorado picked the rare
HP15C+ calculator.

16.                          John Mohn from Washington picked the HP-28C

17.                          Brian Walsh from Illinois picked the 82240B IR
(whistle) printer. 


Top Premium Door prize:




We had at least four or five first time attendees, some from foreign
countries (Germany).  I believe that everyone enjoyed the varied
presentations and we had lots of quality time to visit and catch up with
what is going on in the HP User Community.  Having Saturday lunch and dinner
with Sunday lunch in close proximity allows us maximum time together.


The hotel remembers us from our first visit in 2010 when we had our first
Conference in Ft. Collins.  We also visited them in 2013.  We got a good
rate and I was asked why the 2010 rate was much lower (actually I think it
was asked why was 2016 more expensive).  The hotel was built in 2009 and
they were just getting started so in 2010 we were lucky.  It is a suites
hotel and the rooms are a bit larger, etc.  We didn't have fruit or
chocolate in our rooms this year, but we still had nice digs.


Two documents are of special interest on the Conference Thumb Drive (4+ GB).
The ever growing work of Felix Gross with his Calculator Bibliography (2+
MB).  The second is Sylvain Cote's HP-71B Compendium (1+ GB).


Eric Rechlin included his website, HPcalc.org (1.3GB) as well.  This has
more than 20,000 files and that is what made copying the Conference Thumb
Drives a challenging task.  We had 8 computers making copies in Bob
Prosperi's room.  They  copied 50 Thumb Drive in less than three hours.
That was a gigantic task undertaken on Friday afternoon.  Many thanks to all
who participated.


The HHC Committee went to HP to set up for the Conference on Friday
afternoon while Bob's team madly copies the thumb drives and stuffs the




The Best Speaker was Don Morris who provided a firsthand report of the early
days of the beginning of the HP desktop and handheld calculators that bring
us together for four decades.  Don won by the highest number of votes of any
speaker we have had.


One of the HP Q & A panelists deserves special mention.  That is a previous
Ft. Collins participant Jason Smith.  He is an HP calculator manager in
Switzerland (with his family) and he flew in to specifically to
attend/support the Conference with a two day visit.  Thanks Jason for your
insight and stimulating engagement.


I am sure I missed something and others can fill in that information, etc.
HHC2016 was invigorating and exciting.




We discussed HHC 2017 and the group decided that to "connect" HHC 2017 with
the Solar Eclipse was just not reasonable.  HHC 20217 will be held on
September 16 & 17, 2017 with the same committee - do you concur Wlodek?


The location is completely up in the air with the following locations


Ft. Collins to accommodate Tim if needed.

Chicago, Brian will find out the local interest.

Nashville, Gene is eager and willing.

San Diego area, No local contact.

Seattle, no local contact.

Portland/Corvallis, Jeremy will find out the local interest.

San Jose, popular location, no local contact.


Stay tuned after the first of the new year after the committee recovers from
HHC 2016. 


For those reading this you may speculate about HP and their calculators.
Those who attended don't have to speculate.


I just realized that our group can probably lay claim to being the longest
continuously operating HP User's Group - June 1974 to present - 38 years. 


Thanks to you all.


X <  Y,



P.S.  I would appreciate any attendees who took photos to send them to me
with copies to Joseph.







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