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Bruce A. Bergman bruceb at fatcity.com
Fri Sep 23 12:17:33 MDT 2016

That was a very cool video, Joe, for sure! 

The New GoPro Karma came out this week, and should be available for sale
at the end of the month. It's $799 and extremely well designed. You can
even take the gimbal off the drone and use it with your iPhone like a

DJI also has a foldable drone with high marks:

There's a Chinese model out now that gets really good reviews too. Very
similar to the Karma, but $599 it's more affordable. It's by Xiaomi, the
cell phone manufacturer (obviously trying to branch out into other



I'm dying to get one, but they need to come down just a BIT more for me
to afford it. :) 



On 2016-09-23 11:08, Geoff Quickfall wrote:

> Wonderful video!
> What was the time limit for recognizing a lost signal and then returning to the source GPS co-ordinates.  Can you change the setting.
> Better yet, a URL of the product manufacturer.
> Geoff
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