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Joseph K. Horn joehorn at holyjoe.net
Fri Sep 23 14:52:22 MDT 2016

Hi, Bruce!

> Note that the Xiaomi drone records 4K videos. 4K for $599. You don't have to spend a ton on a drone; they keep coming down every day. They just need to come even lower! :)
> The DJI 4k drone starts at only $999, and if you buy the Karma with a Hero5 (also Ultra 4k), you can get by for right around a grand.

The 3DR Solo uses a GoPro Hero 4 camera, which is also able to take 4K video.  Unlike some drones, the camera isn’t built into Solo; it snaps in place and can be easily swapped with another camera.

I hope I don’t sound like a fanboy, but I really do think (after spending a month researching drones and then picking this one, then 11 more months of flying this bird and comparing it to its competition) that the 3DR Solo offers the most for serious videographers.  It’s not a sports drone (although it is capable of full aerobatics), or a racing drone (although 55 MPH ain’t shabby), or a pretty drone (it has an SR-71 stealth look), but if you need smooth video that looks like it was shot from a professional gimbal riding along a pre-programmed set of points in the sky with the path and camera angles sweeping along a perfect spline curve... then there’s only one drone that fits the bill.  That’s why it’s the drone that was used for all the drone shots in the movie “13 Hours”.

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