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Just thinking out loud, the purple "GD" marker on the map of the longest
duration is almost directly over Carbondale, IL. Carbondale is where the
main campus of Southern Illinois University. Roger Hill retired from SIU
Edwardsville (near St. Louis). I don't know if there would be any
possibility of using SIU Carbondale facilities for a conference. I
apologize to Roger if I'm stepping on his toes, but I thought I'd bring it
up. There would be plenty of hotels, of course, although vacancy at the
time of the eclipse would be unknown.

All of this is based on the assumption that the weather will be decent, not
overcast, which may not be realistic in this area. And as Guenter
expressed, the cost of attending a conference in August might well be
prohibitive for him and Torben.


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> See http://eclipsewise.com/solar/SEnews/TSE2017/TSE2017fig/TSE2017-usa.jpg
> .
> It would seem that those who intend to see the eclipse can get the most
> for their money if we have HHC 2017 in the St. Louis area.   Fortunately,
> we have a key member there who may be able to arrange things.
> Besides the eclipse, there are a lot of cultural attractions, such as the
> ruins of the largest city in North America (1000 years ago).   It is
> heartland America at its best.
> . . . Richard
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