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David Hayden dave at larou.com
Wed Jan 11 19:45:07 MST 2017

As always, I want to thank Richard, the rest of the committee and the HP 
folks (especially Tim) for all their time and effort to make the 
conferences a reality.  I really enjoy them and would continue to even 
if HP exited the calculator market.

Personally, I would hate to see money prevent Richard or Tim from being 
able to attend. I'd be happy to help subsidize their travel and I 
suspect many other members would too.  This could take the form of a 
higher conference fee or just direct donations.


On 1/11/2017 12:21 PM, Richard J. Nelson wrote:
> Hello HHCers,
> Happy New year to all.
> Gunther is correct and Richard is also correct.  Please let me clarify.
> During the last 5 or 6+ years the large number of justifications I had 
> to attend CES have disappeared.  One of the major ones is the fact 
> that HP (calculators) hasn’t had a booth.  See the attachment ( I hope 
> it comes through, email me if you are interested) for a series of 
> photos of the HP booths from 2004 to 2010.  The list of reasons to 
> attend has shrunk to near zero.  Catching up on some of my interests – 
> the primary reason for most attendance – is one of the two remaining 
> reasons to attend.  The other is seeing old friends from around the world.
> While my list of reasons to attend CES (after more than 40 CES’s) have 
> declined the reasons to not attend has superseded it.  I had to rent a 
> car to drive to Las Vegas for 2016 because the day before my old 1995 
> Chevy just up and died (no power steering).  I sold it to a teenager 
> for $20.  When I got back I bought a used car (2014).  Registration 
> and insurance is based on the year of the vehicle and I enjoyed very 
> low costs for the Chevy.  Now my costs – all due in January have 
> GREATLY increased, especially insurance.  Being retired on a fixed 
> income – meaning that every penny you will spend for the rest of your 
> life is in your hand – I decided to be conservative (I hate debt) and 
> not spend the money to attend CES.  It was a difficult decision and I 
> had to ignore many of the news reports of what was to be seen just to 
> keep the “stress” to a minimum.
> Regarding HHC 2017.  Cost is also an issue for me and the HHC’s along 
> with CES travel is a strain on my retired discretionary spending.  The 
> HHC Committee does a GREAT job and they make it happen.  My sincere 
> thanks to them.  Richard is right in that the interest in calculator 
> computation is declining and we had a wakeup call at HHC 2016.  Check 
> the videos for some of HPs comments and read my Committee report 
> attached.  I hope it to arrives.  If not, email me and  I will find 
> another way to make it available.
> Now is the time to discuss HHC 2017’s location.  We have the resources 
> for one last HHC.  Creating these resources as described in the   
> Finance Report was caused by the HP changes a few years ago. *Let’s 
> now make a list of HHC suggested locations.  Gene says Nashville is 
> always a possibility.*
> X < > Y,
> Richard

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