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Damn that hypersensitive touch pad and all of its clever "features".

In my last attempt, I wanted to suggest that Phoenix might be an OK
location, for those who can tolerate extreme heat and allergy.  At least
the logistic situation would be OK.

But wherever it is, the one thing that is required is PEOPLE WHO CARE.

I am trying to help with CSPE.   If you want to see a disaster, go any of
the web pages for the various state chapters of the National Society of
Professional Engineers.   They are suffering declining membership.  Perhaps
they might have a web site empire that does not make prospective members
vomit and decide not to join.   That is an example of people who do NOT
care.  There are a very few bright spots, however, such as the Albuquerque
chapter of the New Mexico society.

There is a new thing: the "order of the engineer".  It actually began in
Canada.   But, according to their oath, you need to be humble and ask for
divine guidance, instead of doing the math.   And there is a wonderful
piece on the California virtual chapter on saving the joshua tree from
global warming--- a real engineering problem.   (Put there to "entice the

Sorry to burden you with other problems, but this is only to show what we
DON'T need.  When I relocate to Nevada, I will tell people, "I am from
California; I know how NOT to do things!"  (Identity politics is in power

On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 10:46 AM, B Walsh <bpwalsh at gmail.com> wrote:

> David, I understand but feel this could devolve essentially into navel
> gazing if there's not much everyone wants to talk about, especially if HP
> exits the calculator market. I believe the number of people wanting to
> participate in a Toaster Users Club (thanks, Wes Staples) is exceedingly
> small, not even enough to break into smaller groups (thanks, Jack Stout).
> As for a 2017 conference, I say go for it! I cannot guarantee I will make
> it but certainly would make every effort to attend. Where it is held is not
> so important, at least to me, but for the sake of Gunther and other foreign
> travelers, the sooner the decision is made, the better.
> Brian
> On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 11:44 AM, David Ramsey <dramsey at neko.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Mary and I would be crushed were there no HHC 2017. Yes, yes..we’re a
>> bunch of old fogies interested in things nobody else is interested in any
>> more, like an association of farriers or apothecaries. Or perhaps
>> buggy-whip vendors. Even HP’s interest rests in one or two employees.
>> SO F**KING WHAT. It’s interesting, it’s an important part of computer
>> history (however ignored it might be), and where else will we have the
>> opportunity to socialize with a group of people as insanely cool as we are?
>> What about somewhere near Richard, in Arizona (right?) Flagstaff is cool.
>> — David
>> On Jan 11, 2017, at 9:21 AM, Richard J. Nelson <rjnelsoncf at cox.net>
>> wrote:
>> Hello HHCers,
>> Happy New year to all.
>> Gunther is correct and Richard is also correct.  Please let me clarify.
>> During the last 5 or 6+ years the large number of justifications I had to
>> attend CES have disappeared.  One of the major ones is the fact that HP
>> (calculators) hasn’t had a booth.  See the attachment ( I hope it comes
>> through, email me if you are interested) for a series of photos of the HP
>> booths from 2004 to 2010.  The list of reasons to attend has shrunk to near
>> zero.  Catching up on some of my interests – the primary reason for most
>> attendance – is one of the two remaining reasons to attend.  The other is
>> seeing old friends from around the world.
>> While my list of reasons to attend CES (after more than 40 CES’s) have
>> declined the reasons to not attend has superseded it.  I had to rent a car
>> to drive to Las Vegas for 2016 because the day before my old 1995 Chevy
>> just up and died (no power steering).  I sold it to a teenager for $20.
>> When I got back I bought a used car (2014).  Registration and insurance is
>> based on the year of the vehicle and I enjoyed very low costs for the
>> Chevy.  Now my costs – all due in January have GREATLY increased,
>> especially insurance.  Being retired on a fixed income – meaning that every
>> penny you will spend for the rest of your life is in your hand – I decided
>> to be conservative (I hate debt) and not spend the money to attend CES.  It
>> was a difficult decision and I had to ignore many of the news reports of
>> what was to be seen just to keep the “stress” to a minimum.
>> Regarding HHC 2017.  Cost is also an issue for me and the HHC’s along
>> with CES travel is a strain on my retired discretionary spending.  The HHC
>> Committee does a GREAT job and they make it happen.  My sincere thanks to
>> them.  Richard is right in that the interest in calculator computation is
>> declining and we had a wakeup call at HHC 2016.  Check the videos for some
>> of HPs comments and read my Committee report attached.  I hope it to
>> arrives.  If not, email me and  I will find another way to make it
>> available.
>> Now is the time to discuss HHC 2017’s location.  We have the resources
>> for one last HHC.  Creating these resources as described in the   Finance
>> Report was caused by the HP changes a few years ago.  *Let’s now make a
>> list of HHC suggested locations.  Gene says Nashville is always a
>> possibility.*
>> X < > Y,
>> Richard
>> Richard J. Nelson
>>     <image001.png>
>> Richard Nelson Consulting
>> Technical Editor *HP Solve*
>> Email:  rjnelsoncf at cox.net,   hpsolve at hp.com
>> Wired phone:  (480) 584-4453 Listen to end and speak or I won't pick up.
>> Mobile phone: (949) 296-5406
>> Skype Name: Calcfan
>> Physical Address:
>> Fountain of the Sun
>> 8344 E. Desert Trail
>> Mesa, AZ 85208-4737
>> HHC Conferences may be found at:  http://hhuc.us
>> The photos, articles, and reports on these historical sites are
>> especially nice.
>> *Please note:*  Because I correspond with many people both in and
>> outside of
>> HP, I treat my correspondence as public domain.  If you have something you
>> would like to be kept confidential, please indicate what it is.  I will
>> otherwise
>> assume that I may publish email related to calculators in *HP Solve*. If
>> you
>> correspond with me you must specifically tell me if anything you say
>> should
>> be kept confidential.  Because *HP Solve* has a worldwide readership I
>> would
>> also like to know where you live; Country and city.
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>> What makes you think there will be another HHC?   The whole thing seems
>> to be dependent on one person, and his gas tank is running low.
>> The world no longer values numerical computation.   They value the
>> Hollywood Nudist Cannibal Flying Saucer Cult. ***
>> *** Not to be taken offensively by members of the Tom Cruise church!
>> On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 7:42 AM, Günter Schink <web at 4schink.de> wrote:
>> It's early enough still to wish everybody a happy new year.
>> In recent years the committee used the CES to exchange first ideas about
>> the location of the next HHUC. Did this happen this year too? And if so,
>> are there any thoughts, even if they are very preliminary?
>> Günter
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