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Thanks for sharing that correspondence.  I can definitely see where both of 
you are coming from.

I wonder if a compromise would be to digitize the entire collection.  I 
realize that would be a huge undertaking, even with an automatic sheet-fed 
scanner, but at least it would then preserve the information for future 
researchers.  Storing the data would be almost free in comparison to storing 
the actual documents.

I realize the actual documents may indeed have significance to future 
scholars, but I think for the most part, the data contained in them is >90% 
as good, and it's quite likely that nobody will step up to store them before 
it's too late.  And if we don't digitize them before that happens, then even 
the information contained in them will be gone forever, too.


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Hello HHCers,

As most of you know I have been trying to donate my unique calculator 
literature collection so as to preserve it for the future.

In the last seven years I have approached most museums regarding this 
including HPs small effort.  No one is able to take it on to preserve it.  I 
just received a response from a museum that explains the situation quite 
well.  The email thread is attached.

I will see many of you in Nashville.  The Committee is working diligently 
and the conference is coming together nicely.

X < > Y,


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