Certain Old EduCALC Catalog Issues

Jacob Schwartz jakes at pahhc.org
Sat Jun 24 08:52:34 MDT 2017


I thought I'd make a plea here. ...

I am working on a presentation for the HHC2017 conference on EduCALC and 
it includes an update to the PPC Calculator Archive which hopefully will 
be included on the conference flash drive. Among this new material is 
the goal of having a complete scanned collection of EduCALC catalogs if 
possible.  Of those, all have been scanned except for a handful of 
issues which are yet to be located.

Those issues are numbers 7, 9, 13, 25, 27 and 31 (plain 31, not 31A). I 
am aware that the  HP Museum collection includes number 27, however I do 
not want to steal another person's work for this project; plus the scan 
quality is marginal at best.

Does anyone here have any of these issues which you'd be willing to lend 
for scanning?  I would take great care of the material and send it back 
as soon as the scanning is complete.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Jake Schwartz

jakes at pahhc.org


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