HHC 2017 Conference Flash Drive

Richard J. Nelson rjnelsoncf at cox.net
Sat Jun 24 15:54:36 MDT 2017

Hello HHCers,


Those of us who are working on material for the Conference Flash drive have
come to realize that if all the projects being worked on are completed on
time - and that looks most likely - a 16 GB drive may not be adequate.  


It almost looks like we may need a 32 GB Flash drive.  It will probably be a
USB 3 drive so copying so many (thousands) of files will be faster.  Most of
the files will be copied prior to coming to Nashville.  Going to the 32 GB
larger size opens space for other additions.  We will order the drives when
we are closer to the Conference date.  The vast majority of this material is
original so non-attendees will not have it.


This is exciting indeed.


Ideas are welcome.


>From the Sonoran Desert,


X < > Y,



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