Support for Big(ger) Iron Display at HHC 2017?

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Hello David et al.,

The HP9100 is especially important for HP Handheld fans from the HP-35A to the HP-65.  See the attached article for the true story.  I really enjoyed meeting Tom Osborne for that interview.  The link at the end is an especially good read.

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I am a big fan of the HP desk calculators and would love to see a 9101A, which I had concluded were never actually manufactured, since despite anecdotal sightings have never actually been seen in the real world.

At the Reno conference I hosted a few years back, I dragged in a 9100B, 9810, and 9820; but that conference room had some desk space. Last year I brought an HP-46 and a 9800 to Ft. Collins, and was fortunate enough to have the latter signed by Don Morris, who was attending. The meeting room was large but table space was limited so the calcs spent most of their time on a wire pushcart rack.

But any, yes, I’d love to see your 9100 system!

— David Ramsey

> On Jun 24, 2017, at 11:09 AM, Daniel McDonald <dan at> wrote:
> September has apparently entered my long-term planning window, and I have begun to make tentative plans.
> As part of my effort to return/contribute to the community, I was considering lugging down the HP9100 and HP9101A (since I will be driving there again), but Gene reminds me that there really isn't a lot of display room at the meeting location.  And moving/handling/displaying these things could be awkward and inconvenient at best.
> If there is a strong general interest in seeing these things in person, I will make the effort to bring them and set them up.  Otherwise, I will just bring some smaller oddball stuff, like the HP-46 which was designed to be portable anyway.  
> So if the conference attendees have a strong general interest in seeing/playing with an HP9100 please express it here (without blowing up the bandwidth), and if that doesn't materialize then I will just leave them where they are for now.
> Best regards, and looking forward to another drive to Brentwood (Nashville) TN in September!
> Dan M.
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