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Roger Hill rhill at
Sun Jun 25 15:19:01 MDT 2017

Hi all,

What was the difference between the HP 9100A and the HP 9100B?

I believe the first RPN calculator I used was the 9100B in 1970.  It
stored programs on roughly business-size magnetic cards (some of which
I may still have around somewhere), and it was connected to a very
nice plotter.  I also seem to recall that the line numbers for program
commands were in base 14 (digits 0123456789abcd); never did understand

-- Roger

------------ On Richard Nelson's message ------------
Hello David et al.,

The HP9100 is especially important for HP Handheld fans from the
to the HP-65.  See the attached article for the true story.  I really 
enjoyed meeting Tom Osborne for that interview.  The link at the end
an especially good read.

X < > Y,


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