Pot Power Discussion

Roger Hill rhill at siue.edu
Sun Mar 5 00:02:25 MST 2017

Hi Richard and all,

Agreed!  Therefore (and I mentioned this to Richard N a while back in
a non-HHC-list E-mail), unless you have a really exceptional h a more
meaningful rating for pots would be the maximum number of watts per
ohm along the pot.  Since P/R = I^2 for any segment of the pot, watts
per ohm is directly related to the current, so another way of rating
a pot is the maximum current in any part of the windings.

-- Roger

------------ On Richard S's message ------------
I want to emphasize that for the pot you showed in the picture, the
temperature rise is not uniform.   10 watts over the entire winding
is no problem.  10 watts in the top 1% of the winding is probably
lethal.   In reliability engineering, the reliability of resistors
is dependent on the temperature rise, which is dependent on the power

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