HHC 2017 Location Update

Richard J. Nelson rjnelsoncf at cox.net
Mon Mar 13 18:46:55 MDT 2017

Hello HHCers,


We are actively gathering Hotel cost data from three hotels.


Monte Dalrymple in San Jose CA


Gene Wright in Nashville TN


John Cadick in Dallas, TX.


As usual the various costs and other restrictions greatly vary so we need
all the data to make a decision.  We are about 70% there so I hope we can
know by the end of the week.  Committee members stay especially tuned to
respond ASAP.  Thanks.


Has anybody heard from Eric Smith?  The link at:


http://lists.brouhaha.com/mailman/listinfo/hhc  seems to be broken and new
people can't sigh up.




This link has worked in the past.  It has been this way for some time as new
people have been contacting me.    The list seems to be working, but . . .


More soon.  Assuming the list is still working.



X < > Y,





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