Drone comments

Roger Hill rhill at siue.edu
Thu Mar 23 14:32:15 MDT 2017

Just looked up the Lambert W Function (which I'd not heard of before)
in Wikipedia.  It sounds like the solution to tanh z = 1/z might be
expressible in terms of it.

I got the numerical solution by starting with 1 and pushing the tanh
and 1/x keys alternately until the result (after 1/x) converged.
This method doesn't always work (and is not the most efficient when
it does), but it's so simple it's worth trying as a starter.

-- Roger

------------ On Richard Nineteenfortyone's message ------------
Why not use the Lambert W function?  It's included in the WP-34s! Â
 Just solve z = 1/(asinh(1/z)+W(1/ln(z)) for n.

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