HHC 2017 Website launched.

Richard J. Nelson rjnelsoncf at cox.net
Fri Mar 24 17:48:56 MDT 2017



They told me that they would be ready the next day (Wednesday).  It looks
like we got our system up and running before they did.


Thanks John for the update.  I haven't checked, but I hoped you registered
at the HHC website.


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FYI - Just talked to Hotel. They will be ready for our reservations on
Monday - 3/27. 




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Hello HHCers,


See http://hhuc.us/2017/  for all the wonderful details related to the
September Conference.


Please let any of the committee members know of any errors or missing




It has just been completed so there may be a few items not exactly
correct/covered, however, it looks great.


>From half a dozen people I have already communicated with, we are off to a
great start on the usual mix of interesting presentations.


Please register so we can  plan accordingly.


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