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I ran into the stronger European data protection at our calculator Conferences with the one sponsored by HPCC in 2007 when we took every ones photo to put on a badge.  I wanted to put them in a Conference report and was told that was not possible because of the privacy laws.  After much discussion and research I decided that since I was in the US I wasn’t subjected to those laws and I did what I usually do.


Privacy is a matter of degree as is gray between black and white.  It is a difficult tradeoff to make.  If you are used to a very restrictive environment you think that it is “normal”, if otherwise you think that it is strange and restrictive.


I suppose it is one of those technology advancing and social law trying to deal with the issues that this  raises.  I remember attending a CES (Consumer Electronics Show) with an author of books on technology – Charles Sippl.  He told me a story of his attending a video show with a loaned video camera (they were very BIG in the early days) being told that he could not video tape the video exhibits.  Your eyes may see it, but a “synthetic” eye cannot.  Recording something is different than just seeing it.  This is the social nature of human beings – we intuitively recognize our own limitations.


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If you haven’t noticed yet, GDPR is a really big deal.  The EU can fine companies, worldwide for violating the use of personal information collected by companies of individuals.  The fines can be substantial.  You may have noticed that many large (and some smaller ones) have been updating their privacy policies for any customers who do business with them.  Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. have all put out new privacy policies that are intended to address the protection of an individuals data that they may collect with their products and services and how that information is used or protected from breaches or misuse.  


I’m glad, for once, that someone in this world is interested in protecting my personal information and how it’s used.  This law is intended to protect information for individuals in the EU.   There’s no equivalent law in the U.S. to protect personal information of U.S. citizens.


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> As you may have heard, there is a new privacy regulation coming into force for EU residents on the 25th May.

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> The new regulation, called GDPR, aims for a wider and stronger protection of European users? Personal Data and how they are processed and used by third parties. To this extent, Personal Data is every information that makes an individual identifiable, alone or in combination with other information.

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> At SwissMicros, we?ve always put your privacy in high regard by minimising the quantity of Personal Data we ask from you.

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> Our privacy policy explains how we store and use your data, you can read it at the bottom of


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