HHC 2018 Programming Contest Sneak Preview

Dejan Ristanovic dejanr at sezam.com
Tue Oct 2 20:17:11 MDT 2018

So what was the problem given?

Sincerely, Dejan


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Dear HHC 2018 attendees,
If you think that you might enter the Programming Contest (it will NOT be difficult, so please do toy with the idea), you'll be wise to bring along a pad of paper and some writing implements.  Reason: Every contestant will be required to submit a program listing (either hand written or printed), as well as comments (either in the listing or attached to the listing) that explain how the program works, highlighting any features that the contestant deems worthy of note.  In other words, you have a real chance to convince me that your program is "elegant".  The MOST elegant program wins (in each of the three categories: 41CX RPN, RPL, and PPL).
See you in San Jose, and Happy Programming!

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