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I will be uploading videos eventually.  However, YouTube, in its infinite 
wisdom, decided to end-of-life its online video editor, which means I 
couldn't start uploading videos as soon as the conference was over. 
Instead, I will have to wait until I get home (next week, because I am on 
holiday all this week, where a beautiful Volvo S90 is self-driving me around 
California), find some acceptable video editing software, splice/merge the 
videos first, and only then upload them to YouTube.  Don't expect anything 
for at least a week, maybe more.


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Thanks, Richard! We're looking forward to the conference report and the 
videos (assume there are any, aren't they?). Take your time.

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Hello HHCers,

Non-US people surely think Americans are gun crazy with good reason.  Our 
gun “culture” is based on the history of our countries foundation.  I live 
in a state where open carry is the law.  Research has shown that guns in the 
hands of the populous is actually safer.  Freedom is not a fundamental 
desire for most people.  Equality seems more vital.  These differences form 
our two political parties.  The US is unique.  What other country is founded 
and run with a government that by its very foundation is based on placing 
limits on government.  This is way off topic and thanks for avoiding name 
calling and personal attacks.

Regarding the HHCs I can happily report that the HHC Guarding Angle was with 
us and we solved all of our challenges to have a really great educational 
and fun Conference.

Many people have told me that there is plenty of support for future 
Conferences, and the future of HHCs is indeed bright, no matter what HP does 
with its last calculator product.  This was a topic of major concern at HHC 

A Conference report is being written and will be done in a couple of weeks.

Thanks to all,

X < > Y,


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I thought having answered your mail already but can't find it. Thus once 

Yes, it will.

As for guns, this topic is settled in all civilized countries meanwhile. So 
it doesn't make sense to discuss it furthermore -- just count the kids shot 
every year in your country and think about them and their parents and 
relatives. If the citizens of this country then still think their homeland 
becomes safer with millions of firearms carried in public, well, then they 
have to learn it the hard way inevitably. What a pity for the kids -- and 
how nice for the NRA and D.T.


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Will the PDF be electronically searchable?

As for guns, there are certain people who should not be allowed to have 
them:  homosexuals, attractive young women working late night jobs in bad 
neighborhoods, members of labor unions, undesired races such as blacks, 
Mexicans, Irish, and Jews, cripples, and old people who are physically unfit 
but carry a lot of money.  Remember: when seconds count, the police are 
minutes away.

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hope you who are there are enjoying the conference. The rest of us is 
looking forward to the videos :)

Some days ago, I was asked:

Now that the 34S project has been deemed finished for several years
(as has the 31S). Is there a possibility of a PDF version of the
final manual being added to the sourceforge repository so people can
reference it easily?

I did call for a little poll to avoid stepping on people's toes by giving 
away for free which had to be bought before. Response was encouraging. So 
here's my offer:

A clean pdf copy (without watermarks etc.) of the WP34S manual will be put 
at a place publicly accessible for free downloads AS SOON AS the ridiculous 
ban against me on the forum of is lifted by whomever is able to 
do this.

I don't ask for excuses for banning me for something the respective 
'moderator' did misread obviously -- meanwhile I know logic is scarce and 
justice is seldom met in the wild southwest as long as firearms are at hand. 
I'll try hard to handle those explosive people carefully in future.

At the bottom line, however, I promised my dear friend Demosthenes Athenaios 
(who spoke for me on the Agora while I can't) to try getting this ban lifted 
after more than two years; so he can enjoy his pension on his sunny Greek 
island without being bothered by strange American customs anymore.

What do you think? Deal? Thank you in advance for making this happen.


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