Thanks to HHC 2018 Committee

jjohnson873 at jjohnson873 at
Thu Oct 4 07:44:44 MDT 2018

I'd like to thank the HHC 2018 committee for their hard work, determination
and great success at another spectacular HHC conference, this year in San
Jose, CA.  There were interesting speakers and thought provoking topics and
presentations.  The prize tables were filled to overflowing.  We had a
once-in-a-lifetime guest speaker, Dave Cochran, who was one of the key
designers of the HP-35.  Tim Wessman won the award for flying from Asia to
give us an update on the status of HP Calculator development and show us the
wonderful pictures of his new home country.   It was good to see familiar
faces and to exchange stories, visit the Computer History Museum and to
break bread with a few good friends.   Thanks again to all who make this
annual conference possible.
~ Jim J. ~

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