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Thu Oct 4 15:58:15 MDT 2018


The San Francisco Bay Area gets a new computer club this month; the “Bay 
Area Retro Computer Club” and our first meeting is 22nd October in San 
Mateo, CA. The intent is to be "big tent" and not at all 
platform-centric, or otherwise focused on a particular era of computing.

Our first-ever guest speaker, Lawrence Kesteloot, will present the Alice 
4, a home-made tablet that only runs mid-1980s SGI 3D graphics demos. 
The tablet includes a custom-built GPU in an FPGA. The talk will cover 
the history of the project and a brief overview of FPGA programming, 3D 
rasterization, and enclosure design, along with some lessons learned.

NOTE: In order to attend, your name must be provided ahead of time. No 
walk-in attendees who have not pre-registered will be allowed to enter, 
due to the policy of the venue operator.

Please sign up for our mailing list at, where 
there will be further instructions on how to RSVP for our first meeting.

While I was sadly not able to make it to the HHC on account of a 
horrible head cold, I was there in spirit, with my 200LX.

Alex Perez
BARCC Co-founder
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