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At HHC2018, Richard mentioned the importance of selecting a location for the conferences and having someone nearby who can do some of the legwork.  I asked for some details of what that involves. Here are my notes on his response.  Maybe Monte and Dave Ramsey can add anything they think
of.  They've both been the point person recently. Heck, we might even be able to create an RFP to give to prospective hotels.
My hope is that this might encourage people to think about locations near them and become the "point person."
		Conference should be in the hotel if possible. Travel to another location is always difficult and time consuming.
		Reasonable room rates for people
		Reasonable room rate for the conference room
		What are the taxes? Hotel taxes are often very high
		Short (or at least easy) travel from the airport.
		International airport for the folks flying in from abroad.
		Meals: you have to think about breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
		Can lunch be catered? How much? What is the menu?  It's usually better to be on our own
		Are there restaurants nearby (walking distance?)  Will they be open on the weekend?
		Does the hotel offer breakfast? Is it an extra charge? What do they serve?
		Basically we need menu and cost for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
		Drinks and snacks in the conference room

Regarding the conference room itself:

		What is the size?
		Where are power outlets? Can attendees access power?
		What sort of lecture display is available?  Projector? Monitor? Also we need a pointer and a mouse.
		Is audio equipment available (microphone and speakers).
		Can we use the room during the hours we need (early Saturday am to late Saturday PM and Sunday)
		Can we use the room for setup on Friday night?
		Can the room be locked Friday and Saturday nights? What about during lunch and/or breaks?
		Generally we it needs to accommodate 50 people.
		Tables tables tables. Richard stressed that this is a chronic problem. We need tables for the attendees plus an additional 5-7 tables for the prize table, snacks & drinks, laptops for presentation etc.

It occurs to me that what we need is more akin to a lecture hall than a conference room.
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