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Jacob Schwartz jakes at pahhc.org
Sat Oct 27 15:22:48 MDT 2018

That decision would clearly have to be made by the HP Museum admins.  I 
suspect that not many (if any) were aware of this offer.


On 10/27/2018 4:24 PM, Walter Bonin wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Four weeks ago, I made this offer (please see below). Though it looks 
> like you don't want such a free pdf - there's nothing observable at 
> least so far. Ok, no pressing need for me, I've got this file anyway...
> Walter
> *Gesendet:* Sonntag, 30. September 2018 um 12:08 Uhr *von:* "- -" 
> <mailbox at mvcsys.de>
> Hi friends,
> I consider this a fair deal.
> Marcus
>     Walter Bonin <walter.bonin at web.de> hat am 30. September 2018 um
>     11:28 geschrieben:
>     Hi,
>     hope you who are there are enjoying the conference. The rest of us
>     is looking forward to the videos :)
>     Some days ago, I was asked:
>     Now that the 34S project has been deemed finished for several years
>     (as has the 31S). Is there a possibility of a PDF version of the
>     final manual being added to the sourceforge repository so people can
>     reference it easily?
>     I did call for a little poll to avoid stepping on people's toes by
>     giving away for free which had to be bought before. Response was
>     encouraging. So here's my offer:
>     *A clean pdf copy (without watermarks etc.) of the WP34S manual
>     will be put at a place publicly accessible for free downloads AS
>     SOON AS the ridiculous ban against me on the forum of hpmuseum.org
>     is lifted by whomever is able to do this. *
>     I don't ask for excuses for banning me for something the
>     respective 'moderator' did misread obviously -- meanwhile I know
>     logic is scarce and justice is seldom met in the wild southwest as
>     long as firearms are at hand. I'll try hard to handle those
>     explosive people carefully in future.
>     At the bottom line, however, I promised my dear friend Demosthenes
>     Athenaios (who spoke for me on the Agora while I can't) to try
>     getting this ban lifted after more than two years; so he can enjoy
>     his pension on his sunny Greek island without being bothered by
>     strange American customs anymore.
>     What do you think? Deal? Thank you in advance for making this happen.
>     Walter
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