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Eric Rechlin eric at hpcalc.org
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Yes, airfares are extraordinarily expensive to Reno, which is probably one 
reason for the diminished interest.  I was waiting for fares to go down, but 
they never did, so I finally bit the bullet yesterday and paid for a $519 
fare from Houston.  And that wasn't even the best flight times (or even 
non-stop), either of which would have added more.  I've flown to Europe for 
that much!

Perhaps one thing to consider when deciding locations of future conferences 
is airfare, because at least for me that cost more than the hotel.  On the 
other hand, perhaps flights are expensive everywhere now thanks to the 737 


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Richard, regarding air fares:  My son and his four women are flying in from 
Albany, New Yawk in a couple of weeks.   Air fares to Sacramento are 
significantly cheaper than to Reno, if one does not mind a 3 hour drive. 😉

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Hello HHCer’s,

The HHC committee is busy (as usual) working on HHC 2019.  The attendee list 
is at https://hhuc.us/2019/reglist.htm.  If you know of anyone who would be 
interested in attending there is adequate time to encourage them to get 
registered.  Last year I asked how many attendees shared a room and I was 
surprised at how many single occupants there were.  My room estimate to the 
hotel assumed a higher ratio of shared rooms so get registered now to be 
able to get a room at the hotel.

Last year the smallest (cost practical) thumb drive was 32 GB.  This year 
the technology doubled it to 64 GB, and we are gathering material to 
effectively use all this memory capacity.  Ideas are welcome.

We (the committee) are looking forward to seeing old friends once again.  I 
predict that HHC 2019  will have a special historical importance.

X < > Y,


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