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Good Luck or


you could just wear a MAGA Trump baseball hat while you check in with the court.


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I’ll have to agree with Eric.  I waited for months for airfares to drop and they never came down from the +$500 range from Indianapolis to Reno.  I finally pulled the trigger and booked at $550 fearing the airfare would continue to increase.   Airfare and hotel makes up 80% of the costs of the HHC conferences.   Hotel costs are hard to negotiate much lower than the great rate we have in Reno this year, so airfare is the other real variable.   It’s one of the reasons I like Nashville since I can drive there.   While San Jose was expensive, I did use an AirBnB and cut some costs.   I had to rent a car in San Jose since I visited an old college friend, stayed at the AirBnB and did some other sightseeing while in “silicon valley”.


There may be a fly in the ointment for HHC 2019.  I’ve been put in the jury pool for Federal jury duty beginning on Sept. 16th.   If I can’t convince the officer of the court to delay my jury duty, I may have to send in my presentation and Richard can include it on the flash drive with the other material.   The other possibility is that I won’t be chosen for the jury pool, but I’m not counting on that.


Hope to see everyone in Reno.  If not, you’ll know where I’ll be. 

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