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Eric Rechlin eric at hpcalc.org
Thu Aug 8 21:27:07 MDT 2019

Yes, in fact I booked with Southwest.  The flight out was a little over $200 
and the flight back was closer to $300, for the total of $519.


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Hi Richard, Eric, and all,

Have you looked at Southwest Airlines?  I just now checked some
flights for Thursday September 19, and a lot of the ones from Phoenix
to Reno are less than $200 one way (with 1 or 0 stops).  There are
even a couple from Houston to Reno which are less than $200 (with 1
stop).  Haven't checked the return flights, but the day of the week
can make a big difference.

My only issue is with getting back to St. Louis after the conference.
I had to pay more ($291) for a flight from Reno to St. Louis on
September 23 because of time constraints on my friend who is picking
me up at STL.  The flight left Reno at 1 p.m., but then they sent me
a notice saying the flight had been changed to 3 hours earlier.
That's the first time (in a lot of Southwest flying) that they have
changed the flight on me; maybe because of the 737 issues.

See you all there some way or another......

-- Roger

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Hello Eric et al,

I had to fly (with one stop) from Phoenix to San Jose to Reno in
order to get the best air fare.  The only good thing was that there
was no plane change, but it required additional travel time – 3 Hrs.
total.   Round trip $309.50  9/19 and 9/23.
The return trip was 41% more expensive – reverse route.  Does anyone
have a perspective on the 737 issue?

X < > Y,


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Yes, airfares are extraordinarily expensive to Reno, which is
probably one reason for the diminished interest.  I was waiting for
fares to go down, but they never did, so I finally bit the bullet
yesterday and paid for a $519 fare from Houston.  And that wasn't
even the best flight times (or even non-stop), either of which would
have added more.  I've flown to Europe for that much!

Perhaps one thing to consider when deciding locations of future
conferences is airfare, because at least for me that cost more than
the hotel.  On the other hand, perhaps flights are expensive
everywhere now thanks to the 737 shortage.


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