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Fri Aug 9 17:29:54 MDT 2019

(Oops, forgot the attachment.)

Hi Richard,

I have an HO scale railroad layout in Altadena, which has been
suffering from neglect for a while (hope to get back to it one of
these years...).  It is about 4 x 10 feet and is intended to model the
streetcars and interurban cars that used to run the the Los Angelee
area.  Right now it has quite a bit of track and switches, but no
scenery (or trolley wire) yet.  I also have a lot of models of brass
models of the interurban cars (Japanese imports), some of which are
painted, and freight cars (they hauled freight too).

Attached is a closeup photo of a 2-car train going through the main
junction on the layout.  The track was hand-made by me, while the cars
were painted by somebody else.

Too many things to do and not enough time......

-- Roger

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See you all there some way or another......  
GREAT!  X < > Y,  Richard
P.S. On a non-calc issue.  Do you have a model railroad layout?  If
so, what scale?
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