Thursday night soiree

Roger Hill rhill.siue at
Fri Aug 30 00:24:47 MDT 2019

Hi David and all,

I am still planning on attending, and my flight (Southwest #2165)
will arrive at RNO at 7:05 p.m., so if the flight is not late I
should be ready to leave the airport with my luggage by around 7:30
or so.  I could use a ride from the airport to your house, and after
the soiree, from your house to the hotel where I will check in.  Your
food and drinks sound fine to me.

Thanks for your hospitality!

-- Roger

------------ On David Ramsey's message ------------
Hi guys, 

Here’s the current list of people signed up for the Thursday
(Sept. 19) meet-and-eat at my place:

Gunter Schink
Eric Smith
Bob Prosperi
Bruce Horrocks
Sylvain Cote
Geoff Quickfall
Joseph Horn
Jacob Schwartz
John Andrews
Roger Hill
Felix Gross
Richard Nelson
Richard Schwartz

So that I can plan better, it would be nice to know:

— If you still plan on attending
— What timtime you’ll be arriving in Reno
— If you need a ride to  my place from the hotel or airport

Also, my current plans are to get food from Famous Dave’s, which is
BBQ place. This will be trays of pulled pork and sliced brisket, with 
some bread to make sandwiches and potato salad or something similar. 
Drinks will be various permutations of Diet Coke and water. If your 
diet precludes any of this or you have a strong preference for other 
drink types, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


— Davvid
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