Current soiree plans and attendees

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I checked out Famous Daves, and their meat is ok, but not wonderful.   For
really good BBQ, those driving up US 395 from Southern California should
try Holy Smoke BBQ in Bishop California (the end of US 6).  For those in
Southern California, try the Rib Nest on El Segundo and Western.  Try the
long beef ribs, sauce on the side.   The poor atmosphere is more than
compensated by the exquisite taste.  😇

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> WOW! 42% of known HHC attendees are a day early for this.  Good show Dave,
> and thanks.
> X < > Y,
> Richard
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> As of this morning, the list looks like this:
> Gunter Schink                           Confirmed
> Eric Smith                              Confirmed
> Bob Prosperi                            Confirmed, will need ride
> Bruce Horrocks
> Sylvain Cote                            Confirmed, will need ride
> Geoff Quickfall                 Confirmed, will need ride
> Joseph Horn                             Confirmed
> Jacob Schwartz                  Confirmed
> John Andrews
> Roger Hill                              Confirmed, will need ride
> Felix Gross                             Confirmed
> Richard Nelson                  Confirmed
> Richard Schwartz                        Confirmed
> I have not heard from Bruce Horrocks or John Andrews. Right now I have one
> request from someone to take John Andrew’s place if he doesn’t show. I’ve
> sent Bruce and John an email asking them to confirm their attendance.
> For those of you who will be here Thursday but didn’t make the cut, note
> that Namir is planning on an outing from the hotel, so check with him if
> you want to do something...
> I’ve received a couple of offers to help defray costs. Thanks, but I’ve
> got this.
> — David
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