HHC 2019 Update #2

Günter Schink web at 4schink.de
Tue Jun 11 12:41:51 MDT 2019

Hi David

if you are still planning the BBQ, I'd love to come also. My flight is 
scheduled to arrive at Reno at 5:10pm on Thursday. It will take some 
time to disembark, get the car and check in at the hotel. Provided my 
flight doesn't have to much delay, I should be able to leave the hotel 
by 7:30pm. Would that be still in time to join the party?


Am 11.04.2019 um 01:21 schrieb David Ramsey:
> Also, in 2014 I had a get-together at my house for those who made it 
> in early; I think it was on a Thursday evening, I’d like to do the 
> same again this year if there’s interest. Let me know. Last time I 
> brought in various BBQ dishes from Famous Daves and would likely do 
> the same again.
> — David

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