Potential Tesla Tour

jjohnson873 at yahoo.com jjohnson873 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 12 14:14:33 MDT 2019

I'm still working on getting a Tesla Gigafactory tour in Sparks, NV, for
Friday, Sep. 19, 2019.   I've sent an email request, to Tesla, about a month
ago and received an automated response from Tesla.   Nothing after that.   I
understand when Tesla was under great pressure to increase production,
earlier this year, they stopped factory tours.  Supposedly they've started
them up again, but I've yet to verify that they are giving "official tours"
of the Gigafactory.  Usually they'll accommodate tours of the Fremont, CA
car assembly factory.

I've sent another email and I'm going to make some phone calls this week to
make inquiries with Tesla.   I'll keep the group informed as to my progress.
~ Jim J. ~

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