HHC 2019 website is up and running!

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Posters?   I am looking for posters that can be tacked up at local colleges
and other appropriate bulleting boards.

On Tue, Apr 30, 2019 at 9:33 AM Joseph Horn <JoeHorn at holyjoe.net> wrote:

> The HHC 2019 website is finally up and running at
> http://hhuc.us/2019/index.htm
> The registration form for potential attendees
> <http://hhuc.us/2019/regform.htm> is up and running, with a list of
> registered attendees kept updated HERE <http://hhuc.us/2019/reglist.htm>.
> Even if you're not sure you'll attend, but think you might, please register
> anyway, letting us know your current probability of attending. You see,
> every year, the sum of every self-guesstimated "Probability of Attending"
> (PoA) is very close to the actual number of attendees, and this helps us
> save a lot of money when making plans and buying supplies for the
> conference. So thanks in advance for pre-registering even if you might not
> attend!
> The PoA field in the registration form is limited to 4 charaters, since
> the biggest possible PoA is 100%. The most clever PoA submitted to date was
> Roger Hill's "pi^4" in 2008. [image: Big Grin]
> The official conference hotel is already accepting reservations at a
> special HHC rate <http://hhuc.us/2019/hotel.htm>.  Some attendees share a
> room and split the cost!  N.B. Their special HHC rate offer ends August 29
> or when the block of rooms they reserved for us runs out, whichever comes
> first.
> Kudos to anybody who finds and reports bugs in the website. Hope to see
> you in Reno at HHC 2019!
> For the HHC 2019 Committee,
> -Joe-
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