[Intel-devsys] Tauntek/Grieb Z80 and 8080 ICEs

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Someone contacted me today, about obtaining "a Z80 emulator kit" from 
me. (They had the wrong processor for the wrong purpose, but that's not 
why I called here.) They apparently stumbled over my Web page, where in 
2009 I displayed information about Bob Grieb's Z80ICE device. As many of 
you know, this board interrupts access to the Z80 with a PIC processor, 
to capture events and instructions for hardware/software debugging.

Bob offered this kit in 2009, developing it with some support from me 
and others; I got an early model of this and his later 8080 ICE. I 
produced the Z80 ICE Web page noted.

LAter, when Bob decided not to continue production of the board, he made 
his PC design files and binaries available on his Web site; for both the 
8080 and Z80 models. He produces other items of this sort, and offers 
design services of this sort. I have not contacted him in a few years.

I'm calling today, because a few of "us" have suggested "I got Bob's 
files and I'm going to produce the ?? ICE". I don't recall if they 
planned to produce the 8080 boards (more likely) or the Z80 boards. In 
any event, I"ve not heard that I recall, a post announcing some boards 
and/or parts to be available.

So: any progress? any interest? any further information on Bob Grieb?

Regards, Herb

PS: from Web searching "z80 ice tauntek";' see the struggles of "ultra 
newbee" with Xilinx programming in 2018 to build the emulator:


the 5-volt CPLD is not in production so one must scrounge them from 
eBay. The Web search finds other examples of persons in the last few 
years, trying to build this same project.

PPS: Annoyingly, there's a (expletive deleted) kid who in early 2019, 
just la-de-dah, put an ARM processor on a 40-pin DIP sized multi-layer 
board, SDcard and USB, etc;  who claims to not only real-time emulate a 
Z80, but alternatively a 6502, some graphics logic, and so on. Ta-la-la, 
here's the games it runs on this vintage-game-platform.


"IZE80, an in-circuit emulator for Z80 systems in action in an MSX"
by "plgDavid".

Of course - it's just a video. Where do you get it? Doesn't claim he 
offers any. Where's his Web site? just has a YouTube channel and a 
Twitter account "twitter.com/plgDavid". "shown at MagFest 2019" - a 
gamers' convention.

"David's" replies about getting one are "it's in beta", "need to ramp 
production", "don't know when to do the 6809", and so on. His "about" 
page says he's a "digital archeologist" with references to 
"synthesizers" and "gaming, hacks and emulation".

Words fail me.

Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey in the USA
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