[Intel-devsys] Tauntek/Grieb Z80 and 8080 ICEs (Herb Johnson)

Gary Kaufman gkaufman at the-planet.org
Tue Aug 6 19:44:24 MDT 2019

Herb -

I did a run of the boards a few years ago and posted about the 
experience here:


I have some of the boards and CPLD's available for both 8080A and Z80 
should anyone be interested.

I fixed up the PCB to include a solder mask and silk screen

Be aware that functional XC9536's are very difficult to source. The 
XC9536XL is a 3.3v part and wont work.  Some of the available parts have 
very old date codes (ASJ) and in my experience wouldn't program properly 
with any version of the Xilinx software I could locate.  All of the Ebay 
parts seem to be used, and remarked.  In my experience less than 50% 
were good and many batches were entirely junk.  I eventually purchased a 
fairly expensive ZIF socket so that I could program and test the parts 
prior to soldering onto a board!

-= Gary

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