[Intel-devsys] Tauntek/Grieb Z80 and 8080 ICEs

Gary Kaufman gkaufman at the-planet.org
Wed Aug 7 20:32:58 MDT 2019

Thanks Herb, I read quite a few groups, but don't post all that often.
I also cross-posted with Paul's note as I get a daily digest form of messages.

I fortunately do have a few more of the CPLD's thanks to a generous donation from a hobbiest in the UK.
At least in the near future I should be able to help out folks who need an 8080A or Z80 ICE.

I rather appreciated your comments about the Rabbit-hole.  Trying to use the Xilinx software on a modern computer was my "rabbit hole" with this project - compounded by many counterfeit or defective parts.  I eventually found an older programmer that could handle the CPLD's directly thru the use of a rather pricey ZIF socket.

- Gary

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Thanks for joining the discussion, Gary; and confirming the state of
your previous project and available boards. Again, your post in
retrobrew  was also informative. ...

regards, Herb

PS: Gary, my apologies for describing my look into
retrobrewcomputers.org as "down the rabbit hole". But that is my
experience as an outsider, who is not part of the conversations there,
and who occasionally looks to see what is available-for-purchase-today.
I appreciate, the site and related discussion sites, are not there for
that purpose, it and the participants have other purposes which are
commendable. Without elaborating: many people are able to create
quickly, microprocessor items for their own or other's interests; and
then move on to something else. I'm sorry if I'm impatient about that
fact of modern technology.

more regards, Herbw Jersey in the USA

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