[Intel-devsys] Tauntek/Grieb Z80 and 8080 ICEs

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.com
Wed Aug 7 21:24:15 MDT 2019

Gary, nice of you to offer more parts and maybe boards, for awhile. I'll 
ask you privately, if you'd like my ICEZ80 Web page to refer to your work.

I found some possible CPLD sources by Web search; I'll give you details 
for you to follow up if you wish.

And as it happens, I have a Web page on counterfeit/bad parts from 
"Chinese sellers". I probably should modify that reference because many 
used parts are from East Europe, other Asian countries, etc. Worse, US 
resellers will buy from those sources but not disclose that (illegal if 
the parts are claimed to be new, or traceable). But my article is 
informative about the view of specific-location resellers.


As Gary notes, there are many "rabbit holes" about vintage work.

Regards, Herb

On 8/7/2019 10:32 PM, Gary Kaufman wrote:
> Thanks Herb, I read quite a few groups, but don't post all that often.
> I also cross-posted with Paul's note as I get a daily digest form of 
> messages.
> I fortunately do have a few more of the CPLD's thanks to a generous 
> donation from a hobbiest in the UK.
> At least in the near future I should be able to help out folks who need 
> an 8080A or Z80 ICE.
> I rather appreciated your comments about the Rabbit-hole.  Trying to use 
> the Xilinx software on a modern computer was my "rabbit hole" with this 
> project - compounded by many counterfeit or defective parts.  I 
> eventually found an older programmer that could handle the CPLD's 
> directly thru the use of a rather pricey ZIF socket.
> - Gary 

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