[Intel-devsys] irmx-80 diskettes

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.com
Fri Aug 16 12:30:18 MDT 2019

Jon Hales, thanks for pointing out the two irmx-80 file archives in Mark 
Ogden's section of Bill Beech's google drive. Sorry I overlooked them 
when I was there. I hope they will be useful to Bill Beech when he gets 
to examining his irmx-80 diskettes.

Meanwhile the archived files will be of use to the person who asked me 
about them. I have a few questions about them, which I'll put to Mark 
Ogden privately.

And I see in Mark's Github site, the programs you referenced, which Mark 
Ogden wrote for resolving flux-sampling into files.


On 8/16/2019 4:52 AM, Jon Hales wrote:
> Herb, Bill, cc Mark and others
> It's good to see your discussions.
> This is a note on two topics:
> - getting at the files on Intel M2FM-encoded DD disks,
> - the exercise I reported around a year ago, where I imagined a 
> comprehensive list of Intel MDS software releases. 
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