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Thanks, Jon, the discussion post is informative. Note: it was edited 
June 2017 and the last post by "Someguy" was also that date. His 2017 
post said "still waiting on an update to Kyroflux software". Support for 
these microcontroller-based external floppy controllers varies.

My Web browser allows a "save to PDF" for that Web page, and I've done 
so. I can't republish it but I'll keep it for personal reference.

Dave Dunfield's archived site has notes on connecting 8-inch drives to a 
34-pin PC compatible floppy connector. His imagedisk also supports a 
connection from the parallel port to toggle the "TG43" line on 8-inch 
drives. That changes the write current for tracks above 43 (I forget if 
it's increased or decreased).

dBit's floppy connector board FDADAP , counts tracks and produces this 
signal; it's still in production. The proprietor Dave is/was a colleague 
of mine from some time ago; he supports PDP-11 tech.

Regards, Herb

On 8/17/2019 5:05 AM, Jon Hales wrote:
> Herb, cc others
> Here's a link to a useful discussion (posted in 2015, but mostly valid 
> today) of devices and software for archiving data from floppy disks:
> https://forum.winworldpc.com/discussion/7877/a-comparison-of-current-disk-archival-tools 
> The author uses the name 'Someguy' and appears to be a moderator on the 
> Winworldpc forum.
> The advice seems soundly-based and experience-based.
> I'll sort out some photos of the arrangements I use for connecting a 
> Shugart drive to a PC - for a future message.
> I noticed that MS-DOS 2.0 supported 8 inch drives with several IBM 
> formats. However, this support wasn't present in later versions of DOS.
> Best regards
> Jon 
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