[Intel-devsys] Progress

Bill Beech (NJ7P) nj7p at nj7p.info
Thu Aug 22 13:57:40 MDT 2019


I have been trying to get an device built to use the Dunfield code.  I 
have the AH-1522A board installed and one 3.5-inch drive attached.  I 
have turned off the internal disk controller in BIOS.  When the system 
is booted, it homes the 3.5-inch drive. Placing a a formatted 3.5-inch 
disk in does not work.  I am going to see what drivers are in place for 
the FDC.  The Adapted BIOS is loaded in the boot up sequence.

I need to build one of the 235 disk adapters to test it.  I have not 
completed the 202 IFC that Jon needs in Eagle.

As you can see, I have a lot on the plate.



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