[Intel-devsys] FDOS & C340S

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.com
Sat Aug 24 11:08:58 MDT 2019

On 8/24/2019 12:30 AM, Jack Mcmullen wrote:
> Herb and all,
> Poking around the net and found your web page regarding FDOS.
> My recent purchase of the 8" floppies on Ebay has several disks labeled 
> Here;s the auction site and pics of the floppy labels. Are these the same
> as that you described?
> Jack

I looked at the eBay sale photos. One disk has a preprinted "FDOS 
MASTER" on the label. Two are hand-marked "FDOS". Only one is an Intel 
original with Fortran and Intellec. I hope the Intel disk isn't 
overwritten with FDOS!

My Web page on FDOS is:


and discusses Rich Cini's iCOM floppy drive system, which was used on an 
IMSAI. I think the iCOM was "generic" to any Intel 8080 system   ICOM 
produced this floppy system before or during CP/M. I made a point of 
tracking pre-CP/M floppy systems on my Web pages, some years ago.

A link to his page on classiccmp.org,


has further links about iCOM's Frugal Floppy system. My Web page was 
written before Rich's. I see on Rich Cini's pages and mine, references 
to "FD360" which seem to match handwritten FD360 or CS360 on the disks 
Jack just acquired. Rich has links to PDFed manuals.

So Jack: good luck in reviewing your purchased diskettes! I think Rich 
Cini and his Web pages are probably your resource for exploring those disks.

Regards, Herb

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