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As a backup we should look to a replacement. I'll start looking........

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Here's the first PDF referred to.
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I thought it might be useful to check the situation with the Hobbytronics USB Host Controller v2.4. Please refer to the attached PDF copied from their website.
The key part is the text in red. It's only available as a kit with a minimum order of 10. And it requires 'a hot plate or oven' because some 'SMD components are under the components'. It seems the price has increased as well.
A second PDF shows the page about the USBHOST-DIP. Fine for those who design boards.
It seems good that some of us took the opportunity to buy assembled and tested units while they were available.
Best regards
Note: some time ago, there was a notice referring to the key staff member who built the USB units having had health problems. It seems that situation is continuing. We may not be able to count on the same level of responsiveness to requests for firmware support in future.
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