Display code rewritten

Eric Smith nonpareil-devel@lists.brouhaha.com
Tue Apr 13 01:56:00 2004

I reworked the display code such that the architecture-specific code
provides a segment bitmap for each digit to the display code. This allows
the comma digit separator to work on the Spice series (e.g. 33C), and
should be adequate for the 41C and Voyager series (e.g., 12C). Released
version 0.33.

The GTK+ portion of the display code still only deals with rectangles,
which is less than ideal since it can't handle the usual six degree slant
of seven segment digits, nor the proper segment shapes. I'll need to figure
out an efficient way for the KML script to designate shape locations from
an outside-the-background portion of the image. If it was an indexed-color
image, I'd try just putting a single sample digit with all segments active
into the image, and make each segment use a different color index.

I haven't yet written the annunciator support. That's pretty similar to
the segment support except that while each annunciator is associated with
a digit, they all have unique images, and the locations aren't necessarily
related to the digit position.

It would be nice to find someone willing to port Nonpareil to Windows.
Preferably using MingW and the Windows port of GTK+, but I'm not picky.
I expect having a Windows binary release would make it a lot more popular.